Bada PH-12MK Class A tube Headphone amplifier XLR Hybrid amp

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Bada DC-222 Tube Fidelity Integrated Amplifier
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When the professional recording engineer recording music, using headphones to listen, because listening with headphones easy to achieve fidelity.
When listening to music with headphones, headphones close to the ear , the music signal is not affected by environmental factors, and will not appear reflection, interference, superposition and standing wave phenomena, to avoid all the sound-space transmission loss and distortion, vivid pure music, simple can enjoy the beautiful sounds of music. Also, listen to music with headphones, are not affected by outside noise, it will not affect their family's hobby, belongs entirely self-pleasure space.
Pretty sound with classic British Matisse former circuit bile, forming the input circuit, amplify and drive.
Current output stage uses high-power FET, single-ended Class A output, distortion-free, supple and delicate music.
Electronic tubes 6SN7, there is a strong driving force, the sound is supple and sweet.
Coupling capacitor using French Suren.
Large high-grade ALPS volume potentiometer.
Up to 120W power supply with toroidal transformer, bile constant current source circuit in the form of a regulated, stable voltage, current, fast response, to ensure that the music signal faithfully restored.
Fine adjustment of circuit parameters, repeatedly fine-tune the tone, so that music can be the perfect replay.
With a balanced input, dynamic big, broad sound field.

Frequency response: 30Hz-30kHz (-0.5dB)
Harmonic distortion: <0.08% (1V OUT)
SNR:> 86dB
Gain: 21dB (AUX IN)
Recommended Headphone Impedance: 40-600 (Ohm)
Output power (A Class): 300mW (300Ω)
Power Maximum power: <40W
Separation:> 55dB (10kHz)
Size: Width 180X depth 330X high 150 (mm)
Weight: 5.2kg
Gross weight: 6.5kg
* A state amplifier output tube is working, machine shell at higher temperatures is normal!

Octopus has recently introduced a headphone amplifier PH-12, with a combination of tube and FET hybrid amplifier. And PH-12MK be introduced as well PH-32 power amplifier, exactly the same appearance, the same circuit program, the difference is to increase the output power per channel 50W.
Prior to the PH-12MK, there is a Bada tube / MOSFET hybrid design of the headphone amplifier PH-1, PH-1 compact, the price is not high, has attracted the attention of a lot of headphone enthusiasts. With the PH-1 ratio, the introduction of the PH-12 production is more luxurious, manufacturers are positioning it "Hi-End headphone amplifier." Obviously, the Octopus is to want to use this new machine and several other high-end headphone market power competition.
Although with the PH-1 uses the same tube / MOSFET hybrid design, but the difference is not small, the first appearance on a lot of difference. PH-12 is a standard tube amp tube exposed appearance, while the PH-1 hidden in a small tube within the casing. There, PH-12 aluminum alloy in a circle around the base inlaid decorative shiny black acrylic side, the appearance of the machine adds to the sense of high, made ​​of transparent acrylic tube shield for PH-12 enriched a lot.
Circuit design, PH-12 with the guts fax Octopus Series amplifier, based on the input stage, voltage amplifier stage and the current drive use the 6N8P dual triode, left and right channels share 3. Power amplifier stage with a Toshiba 2SK1529 do Pure Class A power FET single-ended output, rated output power of 1W, enough to drive the market various types of dynamic headphones. Output power tubes directly fixed to the metal chassis to dissipate heat, heat the larger the chassis when the temperature reaches 50 ℃, installed in the chassis backplane low-noise micro-fans start, quickly take away the heat inside to make sure the circuit is working properly.
Output terminal are two of the three core 6.35mm headphone jack, can connect two headphones. However, the two outputs share a volume control knob, respectively, if they can control better. Of course, manufacturers that design may take into account the need to control the output volume of two little chance, and two knobs affect the panel's simple. PH-12 can be connected with 30Ω-600Ω impedance of the headphones, this range is very wide, in order to obtain the best match results, some specially designed high-output, low impedance selection circuit two steps, through the selector switch on the backplane to switch, to match different impedance headphones. Not directly on the instructions given high and low impedance of the specific range of values​​, you can use as an intermediate value 300Ω line impedance headphone selection below this value low resistance profile, this value is higher than with a high impedance file, of course, can sense to choose the actual hearing.
PH-12 material luxury elegant, turn the machine back cover, you can see a variety of high quality components filled the chassis, such as Solen polypropylene capacitors, ALPS volume potentiometer, Toshiba FET, Rubycon electrolytic capacitors, flame-retardant metal film resistance and so on. Production process is also very good, although with much more devices, but the circuit board design is very neat, that there is no sense of clutter. Even the ordinary non-technical users, see this house will be blown away by the clean and elegant.
In addition to willing to use advanced components, PH-12 of the circuit design is not mine enthusiast regardless of cost. For example, the power supply part, only 1W output headphone amplifier power even with a full toroidal transformer, the transformer is followed by multiple low-resistance shunt regulator circuit to provide high quality at all levels of the DC power supply circuit. Ignited with a regulated DC tube filament to reduce the exchange constant sound of the circuit.
Sound performance, excellent sense of space and sound field is the PH-12 depicts the ability of a prominent advantage. With the Grado SR-80 and AKG K-240DF audition, you can clearly feel the relief has caused the three-dimensional, especially the drive K-240DF, the sound field is very open, deep, fresh, rich layers exception. PH-12 Although the use of a tube, but the whole of the signal to noise ratio is very good, open a large volume can not hear the current sound, clean, clear sound, presented in full detail. Overall style of sound is rendered less, closer to the real type, but do not feel bland and neutral of the machine compared to those special, PH-12 sounds slightly sweet and smooth one o'clock, so listen to it a sense of real not boring, sweet but not exaggerated, summed up two words: comfortable and natural. PH-12 has plenty of strength and excellent driving force to push the AKG K-501, Sennheiser (Sennheiser) HD-600 headphones push these more difficult, can be easily driven, sound density, weight sense and thickness are satisfactory.
Octopus Series amplifier bile fax post-market, well received by customers and love. The fax machine uses the design concept of bile, and bile duct exposed conventional classic design, elegant design beautiful, replay music, sweet and charming, particularly suitable for the bedroom or the elegance of advanced multimedia music appreciation.
The machine from the input to the voltage amplification and current drive are using the tube, power amplifier is to use voltage-controlled high-power FET, both with excellent music features, the details clear, full musical balance, especially Naiting.
Tube using 6SN7, with a good driver, and FET with each other, tube circuit has a low resistance shunt regulator power supply, so that the linear circuit better, more balanced frequency response, using FET Toshiba K1529 supervisor, and music full of good low intensity, but also use the ALPS potentiometer and the French advanced high-grade Solen capacitors. Music signal from input to output short-cut, so that minimal loss of music, the music more dynamic.
PH-12 Hi-End amp dedicated amp: amp output low voltage high current design, and is single-ended Pure Class A output, distortion-free switch, with a single-ended output and extraordinary beauty of sound drivers. Enjoy the beautiful sounds of music melody, PH-12 is a Hi-End headphone of choice.
It also provides the level of external headphone impedance options. The headphone impedance range amplifier to adapt: ​​30Ω ~ 600Ω. Music bile taste rich, beautiful sound, sound balance, broad sound field, quiet attitude, beautiful sounds, is a delicate and moving mini-amplifier.
Overall, the Bada PH-12 is a performance full, sweet sound exquisite headphone amplifier, headphones if you have advanced, you can consider using PH-12 to push. As with the effect of this article can serve as a reference, ultimately receiving your ears.

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