Qinpu V2MKII desktop speakers loudspeakers wood grain pair

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Qinpu V2MKII hifi desktop speakers loudspeakers wood grain a pair 2012 latest version
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In the all of 2-inch full-range QINPU speakers, V2MKII is the most full comprehensive about sound.
The range is wider. The human voice is more handsomely. Bass texture is strong.
ah, it is just a 2 inches driver, we are not asking for too much, but it is very good.

Product parameters:

Speaker : 2-inch
Frequency Range : 60Hz-20kHz
Resistance : 4Ω
Sensitivity : 89dB
Power: 8W
Volume: 155L × 84W × 121H(mm) x 2pcs
Net Weight: 0.75kg × 2PCS(a pair)
Gross Weight: 2.5kg for a pair


Avatamsaka Sutra: The Buddha said: a flower and a world, as set out in to a leaf, a wood and a Floating Life, a read and a quiet. No next read said a thought, a quiet source of Red numerous concentric chaos, except keep an obsession with a pure heart, the parties have to mirror anti-Kam, Nothing Lost V2 - the MKII name Wuchan meaning here.
Lack of awareness worry a lot, often stop listening to quiet sounds of nature, clear state of mind to ask to clear all.
The acoustic design of the Wu Chan loyal to a flower and a world so small, mini boxes of high, medium and low frequency ranging close to listen like a large box of pots, or howling Shusei, or a Tigers & Dragons, Italian state filled.
Unsolicited small speaker out audio easily, while the low frequency is difficult to explore the past year to verify the final consciousness, and finally set the broadband resonance technology in one, two inches of small speakers to a bandwidth of 60Hz-20KHz, close listen to feel especially good.
The end of a quiet, transparent sound, delicate and plump texture, soft tone
Wu Chan is a pair of very worthy of the taste and have a good box.
ABS + nylon fiber integrated high-intensity speaker bracket design, long-stroke suspension structure to replay low frequency of 2 inches of small speakers to create favorable conditions for full-frequency composite cone is pretty sound key.
An irregular geometric sound anti-stained wooden box, fully enclosed paint and saturated gap filling adhesive technology of high airtight box structure is the basis of low-frequency reproduce, Collector's Edition with the top hand-Brazilian rosewood veneer on wood eye stickers process of the skin, each speaker texture is not only beautiful extravagance, but also has (rosewood leather and PVC Classic optional.)
with HIFI-class gold-plated terminals, sheet music shadow line banana fever wire can be used directly, in order to get better sound quality.
high-grade rosewood leather, wood grain between the two speakers can get on, and each pair of speakers of the wood is different, are independently goes.
sense: when first heard Wu Chan, generally can not imagine this is 2 inches small speakers speaker sound, open wide sound field, excellent imaging and excellent bandwidth extension, thick rolling low frequency, to make people feel like listening to the 6-inch or larger diameter unit, speakers, enough to appreciate the needs of bass music or video.
Listen to "Paramita" In addition to the good high-frequency performance, that rich sense of depth and expansion of low-frequency Zhizhirenxin, as people marvel at; Tsai v. Passions "is transparent and delicate, plump and well-off, rain, the low frequency affixed to come, exciting ...

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