SoundArtist HB-X 2.0 AptX HD Music Receiver Bluetooth 5.0 wireless Streamer

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SoundArtist HB-X 2.0 AptX HD Music Receiver Bluetooth 5.0 wireless ture

for Hi-Fi Audio
100% Brand New

What Ver 2.0 upgraded? add new Two-way voltage regulationthe to make the power get better. and it is made with one block of aluminum by CNC.
User your Android Phone, iMac, iPad, iPhone, iTunes, Network TV, PC or NoteBook which have a Bluetooth to link with this SoundArtist HB-X 2.0 with wireless, the
SoundArtist HB-X 2.0 connect with a pair of RCA cables gift free to your hifi amplifier or home amplifier.
Just play music at your phone, the sound will come out from your speakers with wireless.
You will find get the hifi sound very easy, the old amplifier will have a new life.
The analog and digital outputs have audio signals at the same time.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


We need to test a lot of amplifers before sending, the 3.5 mm to 2 RCA cable with phone earphone to tube amplifier have too low volume.
The output of the mobile phone and computer design is 0.2-0.75V audio voltage, and the HiFi CD playere is generally designed output voltage of 1.5V to 2.3V.
This Sound Artist HB-X output voltage is 1.5V, and it have a pre amp circuit, so, volume is good for hifi amplifier.

With the popularity of mobile phones, we use mobile phones more as audio sources.
We have always had the idea to let the audiophile listen to the best voice in a convenient way.
Recently, Bluetooth technology is mature enough to provide the best sound quality.
What we have to do is to provide audiophiles with a Bluetooth receiver that is close to CD sound quality.
We know that the sound quality of AptX is better, so we developed this HB-X.
I know that there are some popular AptX Bluetooth receivers at the same price with DACs.
When developing HB-X, we also considered adding DAC.
However, the DAC at this price does not bring the good sound we want.
For users who pursue higher sound quality, you can connect Hi-Fi DAC. We provide pure digital output, which can be output to DAC by optical fiber or digital coaxial cable from this unit.

CSR8675 Bluetooth solution
This Bluetooth music box adopts CSR8675 Bluetooth audio solution, supports SBC, AAC, APTX, APTX-LL, APTX-HD, all-aluminum alloy wire drawing process shell, high-grade pure copper gold-plated output terminal, real audiophile grade material·
The software independently developed only for audio cooperates with all call functions, low power consumption functions and some software function settings that affect the music signal, so that everything is only for high-quality audio.
This SoundArtist HB-X is only made for high-quality audio.
Pure analog sound and high-definition comfortable listening
This HB-X has rich output interfaces, including coaxial signal output, optical output, and analog audio output.
This machine does not have a built-in cheap DAC decoder chip to do independent decoding gimmicks, and its built-in analog output also kills independent decoders within $250 USD.
If you want to get better sound quality, please connect an independent DAC. This machine optical fiber/coaxial only provides digital signal to connect with external DAC.
The internal digital signals are dedicated digital shaping ICs and coupling transformers to output high-quality SPDIF coaxial signals! It is not a digital signal that a capacitor randomly leads.

A passionate work, the pursuit of comfortable listening

The analog output part of the Bluetooth module is output by the chip.
The true balanced 4-channel differential signal is coupled by four red WIMA capacitors, after the original imported JRC5532 differential conversion, and then processed by a first-level buffer amplification, finally the gold-plated RCA lotus seat outputs the left and right audio signals.
And this machine adds the original gold-plated IC socket of Taiwan Zhengling, allowing you to freely upgrade and replace different op amps to meet your demanding requirements for different audio needs.
The whole board discards the SMT mechanized chip resistors and rejects the digital style.
All in-line components are used. High precision copper foot 1% resistance. Long-life high-frequency capacitors are used in the chip part, WIMA, NICHICONFW series of golden audio dedicated capacitors, ELNA, Rubycon audio dedicated capacitors for feedback. Phillips boutique calibration capacitors. These components are guaranteed to be imported with original packaging.
In order to improve the sound quality, it is by no means a pseudo-fever product that can sound just a few SMT parts.

Technical parameters:
Model: SoundArtist HB-X
Signal to noise ratio: ≥92dB
Signal output amplitude: 1.5V RMS Transfer Mode: SBC/AAC/APTX/APTX-LL/APTX-HD
Audio output: 2 channels analog signal output; Digital coaxial output *1, Digital optical fiber output *1
Power consumption: 4W
Power supply: power adapter 1.5A, 12V DC
Product size: 90mm*61mm*25mm
Packing size: 130mm*100mm*48mm
Net weight: 650g
Gross weight: 1000g

Packing list:
SoundArtist HB-X X1,
Power adapter X1,
Bluetooth antenna X1,
Manual X1,
RCA cables X 1 pair




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